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      Toni only accepts a limited number of students each intake to ensure you receive her full focus to get maximum benefit from your investment in becoming an amazing facilitator.


      Ask questions and make enquiresyou're under no obligation.

      This call is to find out if this program is right for you and if you an Toni gel together.


      A Personalised Mentoring Program To Get You Certified

      SoulLife® Recall Regression Program

      SoulLife® Recall Regression is the only training of this kind in the world.  The program is a specialised combination of Toni's research and expertise compiled over more than twelve years mentoring and facilitating regression for thousands of students and clients.

      Collaborate together with Toni from anywhere in the world, covering 9 lessons over a personalised period to earn your certificate. You'll be confident, ready to begin the real work, helping people, facilitating a process that changes lives.


      The program is delivered as a combination of video lessons, experiential practice and live online group classes and mentoring with Toni. You can expect encouragement, accountability, and coaching for business strategy.

      Training in Recall Regression with Toni Reilly, 
      Australia's #1 internationally recognised Regression Specialist means you'll have access to her professional tips, down to earth teaching style, and dynamic process so you become a highly effective facilitator ready to change people's lives for the better



      Do you feel called to make a difference helping people?

      This Personalised Certification Program Is For You If...

      • You Are Intuitive

        Super sensitive people often feel isolated or are bullied as a child. They feel different to everyone else.  Sometimes they even feel like a stranger in their own family.

      • You're Riddled with Self Doubt

        Self doubt is prevalent in people who are drawn to help people.  It forms the ideal psyche of a nurturing natural healer type. The experiential training helps you too!

      • You're Searching for Clarity and Purpose

        This kind of work could be the clarity you have been seeking! Plus the training sets you up to overcome your own challenges while learning to help others do the same.


      • Changing Career Appeals to You

        Wether you've begun to transition away from your current career to do something that you’re passionate about or this is the first step to setting yourself up.


      • You're Ready to Transform Yourself and Others

        This kind of training calls for someone who has looked at who they are.  You might not know fully, but you have a desire to soul search.


      • You've Attended the School Of Life

        The best practitioners have been through the emotional wringer one way or another, gifting them compassion and tolerance that can not be learned through a text book.


      Here's What You Get


      • Begin with a 15 minute complimentary call with Toni to check if you're a great fit.

      • Certificate in SoulLife® Recall Regression through the Toni Reilly Institute a certified training provider with the IICT, International Institute of Complimentary Therapist.

      • World class practical training presented in a real down to earth way,  personalised to ensure incredible results that will leave you feeling inspried!

      • Time online with Toni delivering nine lessons incorporating a combination of video, online classroom and exclusive resources.

      • Experiential Regression and Between Life Exploration so you know what it feels like plus address your own stuff.

      • Integrate your new skills with Toni's support via our online classroom, resources and exercises.

      • Emerge Certified, with a new perspective, feeling invigorated, confident and directed, ready to help people fix almost any issue.

      About Toni Reilly

      Toni Reilly, the creator of SoulLife® Coaching, Programs and Seminars. She is a best- selling award winning author, speaker, seminar leader and an internationally recognised Regression Facilitator.


      As a Therapeutic Coach specialising in Regression Therapy for 12 years Toni has guided thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation; helping people value themselves so they can reach their potential, overcoming emotional bruises, to live and work with purpose.


      Her pragmatic approach and sensitivity ensured Toni’s success in business. She is a great role model to her participants, who has mentored many from highly respected professional backgrounds in all fields from Scientists, Psychologist to CEO’s of multi-billion dollar Companies, to stay at home Mums, Blue Collar workers, Doctors and Nurses, Counsellors and Complimentary Therapists.


      Toni presents in her trademark light-hearted style. She stands by her belief that self-awareness and personal development is how to reach your potential to become a highly effective practitioner.


      Toni has trained in New York with her mentor and pioneer Dr. Brian Weiss, Author of Many Lives, Many Masters.

      Toni only accepts a limited number of students each intake to ensure you receive her full focus to get maximum benefit from your investment in becoming an amazing facilitator.


      Remember ask any questions mention what you wantthere is no obligation

      This call is to find out if this program is right for you and if you and Toni gel together.


      What People Say About Toni

      Thank you very much Toni for contributing so very much to the “SoulLife” Past Life Regression Facilitator training. The course content was excellent, fully informative, and experiential, with your experience and “tips” really helpful. Your style of keeping it (the work) real and accessible, plus the absence of a dogmatic approach and your holding a broad view of spiritual life that incorporated the multi-dimensional perspectives of all the attendees was valued and appreciated. 
      I thoroughly enjoy the good natured, confident way you are bringing this work it into the world and making it accessible.  I’m privileged that the significant teachers through my life, including yourself, have all being somewhat pioneers in their fields, doing it their way, ahead of their time, as the saying goes.  This is inspirational for me.

      David, New Zealand

      Toni’s style and personality lends her to being one of the most effective educators I’ve ever known, and I’ve studied a lot! Not only did I learn some incredible techniques from her, but I had also begun to feel significant changes within myself. Wow! Honestly, this course has changed my life and my worldview, for the better.
      Toni’s course was clear, concise and effective in that it’s provided wonderfully for my role as a regression therapist. Her insight and way of delivering information made learning and absorbing information simple and nonsensical.  Since undergoing the course I have been able to easily slip into the role of a regression therapist, and my client’s satisfaction levels have been high. I can’t thank Toni enough for not only providing a thoroughly comprehensive course, the only of its kind, but also in innovating a revolutionarily gentle way to heal through regression therapy.
      Thank you Toni!

      Dana, Melbourne

      A truly life changing, life saving experience! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to learn from the best.
      I feel incredibly blessed to have had such an awesome experience that I now get to share with others to help and support them, thank you.
      I have learned more about myself in one week than ever before, and therefore, has allowed me to see who I truly am and can be – words cannot thank you enough for this amazing gift. Your intuition, insights, knowledge and honesty are extraordinary and I will always treasure this moment in my life.
      I have been able to make extraordinary connections with exceptional people who I engaged with throughout this time – the practice and the theory were intense which only made our energy stronger and the learning more invaluable.

      Jacqui, Brisbane

      Completing the SoulLife Practitioner Diploma with Toni was an incredibly rewarding and life changing experience. Toni and her team are all warm, knowledgeable, and very engaging. The expertise they shared with us was invaluable and from the first session we were developing new skills.

      The course was well-run, highly interactive, and extremely interesting.

      Toni was very skilled at understanding the needs and dynamics of the group and ensuring we remained challenged and engaged without being overwhelmed. The holistic methodology of this qualification is unlike any other offered in Australia, so whether you are looking for personal development or to progress as a practitioner, I can highly recommend studying with Toni.


      Antoinetta, Gold Coast

      I trained with Toni in Past Life Regression Therapy and found the course and Toni’s method of teaching to be a wonderful and positive experience.  Her knowledge on the subject was immense, and she has a very relaxed approach to her teaching which allowed me to feel confident and able to express myself during the course, which allowed me to experiment and grow, whilst learning. 

      Fiona, Sydney

      Toni is a well spoken, gentle soul that makes learning easy.  She is kind and clear with direction and support.  Her voice is so easy to listen to, it makes learning a pleasure.  Toni was there for every question, comment and suggestion.  She made herself accessible during the entire course.

      Karen, USA

      An excellent programme that will help get you started on the exciting and rewarding journey that is Recall Regression Therapy.

      The course provided an ideal combination of theory and practical components plus the added advantage of having access to Toni’s skills and experience.

      Thoroughly recommended if you are serious about Recall Regression Therapy.

      You will come away from it a different person.

      Dushy, Melbourne

      This course helped me understand myself on a different level and brought me clarity about a few things in my life. Toni is a compassionate, caring and experienced teacher who makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  The content of the course is easy to understand and I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to become a Facilitator.

      Rachael, Melbourne

      The Program

      You're learning the most powerful modality to help people attain or regain their identity, and to free themselves of physical, emotional and psychological symptoms.
      You will make a difference helping people take charge of their lives by integrating SoulLife® Recall Regression, the psychology of the future.

      • 1 | The Basics

        Discover what regression is, how it works, your role as facilitator and what it can do for people.

      • 2 | Facilitation

        How to prepare and facilitate a session. 

        Observe Toni regressing someone then discussion to explain the process and answer your questions.

      • 3 | Experiential Regression

        Experience Regression to discover the therapeutic value and how past live’s assimilate with current life.




      • 4 | Questioning

        Master facilitation through strategic questions to achieve the best results and least resistance from the client.

      • 5 | Practice Facilitation

        Regress a volunteer, discuss the process, and outcome for the client and for you as the practitioner.

      • 6 | Current Life

        How current life recall integrates with past life regression. Interactive exercise and experiential practice.

      • 7 | Other Realms

        Overview of the in between and soullife realms. Indications the client is visiting and how to facilitate.

      • 8 | Experiential Exploration

        Experiential exploration of in between lives and the SoulLife realm. Assimilation of the therapeutic value and how it fits into life now.

      • 9 | Practitioner Business

        The therapeutic setting. Practitioner factors of ethics, age and contraindications. Integrating SoulLIfe Recall Regression with your other skills and therapies. Setting your fee and stress free ways to charge.


      Our programs are fully certified by the IICT International Institute for Complimentary Therapists
      Your certificate qualifies you for professional membership and insurance.

      Toni only accepts a limited number of students each intake to ensure you receive her full focus to get maximum benefit from your investment in becoming an amazing facilitator.


      Ask questions and make enquiresyou're under no obligation.

      This call is to find out if this program is right for you and if we gel together.


      What People Say About The Program

      I began this course with excitement and determination !  Thanks to Toni's leadership, I did not lose that excitement or determination for one minute.  The course was structured so you could leave if you wish and come back. Or you could plow through like I did because I was so engrossed in the content.  Learning Soul Regression was the highlight of my day, and I would stay late at my office , just so I could do a lesson.  


      All the history was given at the beginning to give the students a base and background to begin from.  The lessons were in order by content that was in line with the regression process.  The information given was so riveting and the lessons were so intense, but I never once thought I was in over my head.  That was because we had so many resources to support us.


      Toni had a Facebook Group for questions and feedback from myself and others, so that we could learn together.  The Lessons often had homework, however it was never daunting, it was just right.  We had many resources in the course to support our learning.  Lessons are all downloadable for our future use, if we get stuck or cannot remember something.


      We were provided regression "music" to download for the future and a case study form.  When we submitted our case studies, they were looked over and Toni offered positive suggestions that supported our future work.


      Karen Wessling  USA


      I really enjoyed doing the online SoulLife Recall Regression Certificate course with Toni.

      I learnt so much about myself and my journey as a soul as well as how to guide others through the Regression process and gain the self awareness and healing they needed in this life.


      The lessons were so easy to follow and Toni was always there with her warmth and support through each step of the process. The online classroom was great for getting feedback and learning from everyone else's experiences as we all practised facilitating our own sessions.


      I was amazed that I was able to go from someone with no background in healing or therapy to having all the resources and awareness I needed to guide others through what can be a deeply emotional and even life changing experience.


      I highly recommend the course to anyone even people like myself who would like to help people transform their lives but have no formal training in the area.​


      Janice Harvey  MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

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